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How Bad Do You Want It - Motivational Video

How bad do you want it?

Let me tell you right now, anything that you want in your life, anything that you want as part of you as a human being is character trades. Anything that you want, success, money, anything that is important to you in your life is not is not going to be an easy accomplishment. Anything that worthwhile is not easy, anything that is worth having does not come overnight, anything that will be worth it to you will be worth the struggle.

Listen there is a whole lot of people out there, there is a whole ton of people waiting to be successful there's a whole lot of them. But I don't suggest you join the waiting list for success because that is just an endless wish-list of people saying: "I Want it!" It is no longer enough to want it. You got to go for it that's the only way that you are going to be successful today, today you have to stand up and fight for your dream, today you have to stand up and go and get what is yours. While everybody else is waiting, while everybody else is relaxing wishing for it, wanting it, hoping for it you got to out there making it happen every single day.

If you want to set yourself apart from the rest of the Shepherd, the rest of the people, mediocrity, average if you want to get away from all of that into success doing great and really being fulfilled in your life, you have to step up. Step away from average, step away from the 97% of the population. Understand that in order for you to be successful you need to find success and get around it, spend as much time around it as possible as you can. You have to learn from it, you have to be constantly learning from it and that is the only way that you will really get to where you want to be.

The formula to success is really, really, really simple however the journey the grind the hustle is by no means easy.

So it is your choice to get up and make it happen and take it serious. if you are really going to go for it you can not get distracted, you need to get that through your head straight away. It is going to require all of you. Every little piece of you, that last little bit of effort everything that you have, all that you need, all of your energy needs to go into it invested into it. No other options, one way and that is the only way.

If you want to make something big happen it is going to take awhile. If you want something that is worth something to you that is going to take effort, that is going to take hard work and dedication, and stop looking for the overnight success, stop googling, stop looking at Facebook, stop checking all of this sh*t that you don't need to be checking. Focus on what is important in order for you to get your goal.

The easiest thing in the world is to be distracted, there are so many distractions out there, there is a billion of them and being successful is very often all about deciding that you are not going to fall for the distractions. You have to be able to stay focused on your goal and to keep going every single day no matter how hard it gets.

You are the only one that can make your life what you want it to be there is no one else that is responsible for your condition. Look if you want success in life try taking some responsibility because the moment you take responsibility for your life is the moment that everything shifts.

Decide that you will not leave it up to anyone else, not to school, not to your parents, not to your friends, not to your siblings or anybody else. No-one else is responsible for your success but you and that puts the power in your hands.

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