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Change Everything - Motivational Video

We have our dreams, our passion for a reason it is not by chance.

Whatever vision you have for yourself, somehow has been gifted with this inner voice, this spectacular talent and potential that's never ending and most people never live up to that.

Understand that what has given to you, has been given to you particularly,specifically for a reason. You're one of a kind, your something special don't cheat yourself out of that by living a average life.

Life is hard, yeah that's right!

You're going to experience some struggles,some pain, some hardships but it is not about what happens to you because these things whether you believe it or not happen to everyone. But it is the way that you respond to these things that really make you stand out, that's what makes the difference.

You will never be able to control everyone and everything around you, you can't always choose what happens but you can choose what you are going to do about it that is fully and entirely up to you.

Most people will make excuses, but if you want things to go your way take full responsibility because that means you have the power to change it. It is up to you to make a difference, the power is in your hands.

Now think about that for a second...

That is all the power that you need to impact and change anything, it is up to you. You have to switch out of that pity, victim mentality and never look back.

What give your life meaning? What gives it purpose? What drives you?

The voices in your head telling you that you are not good enough, that you can't make it happen as well as maybe the people around you saying those things has to stop, it has to stop and end, that's not good enough. That's not good enough, you have to do it better than that you have to step up with some power, make a statement to the universe "I am capable, I am powerful. I not only can, but I will make it happen"

Only you can claim your own power, nobody else can do that for you. You are designing your own future, right now. Your craft and you are creating, right now you are making your own experience.

There are some abilities, some talent, some gift's you have that absolutely no one else can tap into except for you.

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