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Motivational Video - What is Flow (ft Rafael Eliassen) 2015

Flow is created by you doing the right thing, the hours that you put in, the amount of time that you sacrifice and invest towards you perfecting your craft, whatever it is that you want to get really good at that’s what’s going to pay off that’s what’s going to help you hit that state.

For many individuals it’s something that they experience a few times in there life but they never really track back or find out what it is or really understand it and get a real knowledge about what it is that cause’s it or what puts you in that state. It is something that can have an amazing impact in your life, it can take you to the next level in almost any area and you start hitting a state of flow you start living more in the state of flow it can do some really amazing things for you, and make sure that you are achieving a much higher level of success just because you’re tapping into that and you are using the state of flow to your advantage.

What ends up happening is that you have those experiences and you just kind of let it go, maybe you think it’s amazing and you have a great day or two, or you have maybe ten good days or twenty good days like that. But you never really understand what it was?, what made that happen?, what created that effect? Often times it can be tracked down to hitting a state of flow.

The basic thing that you can take away with you pretty much straight away is that flow is caused and created by you it is not something that happens to you and if you felt like it did or you think that it might of happened before that’s not the fact. It’s just that you only see the surface and you haven’t really dug deep and seen the background what cause it and really gotten into what is it that puts me into this amazing state.

You see people that are in a state of flow and they are performing way above there limit there crushing it way beyond people might expect of them and the reason is again the state because the state is what effects you the most, the state of mind that you are in is what’s going to effect your results the very most. For sure your mindset and the mental state that you are in has a whole lot to do with your performance. Whatever it is relationships, you know fitness maybe high performance sports maybe business and finance that you are looking to be better at if you can hit a high state impartially flow your going to perform way better. If you want to access it’s quite simple actually, of cause simple in the sense of that it is easy to understand but it is not easy to apply because most people will not apply this they will hear it they will think great idea and they will never use it. So when it comes to that time to shine and the moment to really produce to the highest level you are ready for it you are prepared for it and you are in that state because you have the confidence behind you of you having done the right thing over and over again in an unlimited amount of times and there for you can go in with all of you be fully present and not worry about the circumstances of what might happen or what might not happen whatever results that you might be worried about in the future you can fully be there and that is an extreme amount of power to have.

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