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NO MORE EXCUSES - Motivational Video (ft Rafael Eliassen)

To have something extraordinary, you must become someone extraordinary.

To get what you want in life you must become the person that deserves what you want in life. You must become the person that earns what you want in life, and you must become the person who goes out and get's it with no excuses and no other options.

Life is simple you know, it's really not that complicated. Whatever is going on within, is mirrored on the outside and so if you want to change the world, start with you. Go within and find out what you need to you need to change to show you what you want.

All the obligations, all the bullsh*t that doesn't belong in you. All of those things need to be cleared out right now in order for you to get control of your life, in order for you to take control of yourself and go create something extraordinary.

Extraordinary results, require extraordinary effort. So it starts by you digging deep and bringing out something that has never been brought out before. If you want something bad enough, if you really love something, if you really want to have results then dedicate yourself 100%, go all in.

Most people at the end of the day they don't really do anything productive at all, just unwind and tv or do some cr*p that really doesn't matter. So why not spend that time instead, kill that time off completely and move it to the start of the day? Where you are actually done!

And instead of trying to go out there and tweak everything on the outside. The extraordinary skill is to go within and change things there, because that is the core, that is where everything comes from, that is the place where you are creating your entire life from, and that is the place you are going to continue to create it from.

You must express your passion every single day, in one way or the other it needs to happen because if you don't you are not living in alignment with what you ultimately could, your potential is suffering and you are not bringing out the best in you.

And what is life full of mediocrity worth to you anyway? So dig within, find within, look within.

While your competition is sleeping, you can be working. While everybody else is ill and down, with the flu sleeping for a week just wasting away. You could still be making a move forward that's the thing most people don't realise this even though you might not be feeling well, even though maybe you are tired, even though maybe things are not perfect you can still make progress. You can still make movement, you can still move yourself forward in the right direction.

Stop looking back because whatever happened before does not matter anymore. Whatever went on previously is now gone and all that you really have is the current moment.

How did you make today matter? How did you push yourself? How are you going to change that tomorrow?

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