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How to Be Interesting? (Make People More Interested In You)

How to be more interesting? Is something that everybody wants to know, a question that I get asked all the time and of course it is a natural tendency for us human-beings, for us people to want to have other people be interested in us.

We want other people to want to know about us, we want to tell our story that is something we all have in common. We all want to tell our story, we all want to share our gift, we all want to present, we all want to speak, we all want to be characteristic and listened to. We want to be really interesting and come across powerfully to other people, we want to make a difference we want to really make an impact in others lives and therefore you must become more interesting.

When you become more interesting you gain the opportunity and the chance to inspire others and also to move others. When you are living and normal average life you will find that not many people are going to know what you are all about when you don’t stand out when you are doing what everyone else is doing, when you are just following the norms and the trends carry on like everyone else no one is really going to take an extraordinary interest in you. But when you stand out, when you do something different, when you follow your heart your gut your soul and your intuition all of that good stuff you are going to experience life on another level and you are going to experience other people being interested in you on another level.

If you want to be more interesting do things that not everyone else is doing, if you want to be more interesting to the world show something extraordinary for you. Show something is coming from you, exude some kind of confidence, some kind of energy that not everyone around you has it is not something that an average person walks around with. If you walk around in a certain way, if you speak in a certain tone if you have a certain power surrounding you, you are exuding confidence in every move that you make you instantly become that much more interesting to all the people around you to everybody that you become in contact and in touch with.

If you really want to be interesting to people you must become interesting to yourself.

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