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Motivational Video - Create Your Own Life (ft Rafael Eliassen) 2015

So many times in life we get caught we get stale we start doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results and of course that is the definition of insanity. That is a rhythm and a pattern that we don’t want to fall into repeating just for the sake of repeating and trying the same thing over and over again generally

thinking that we are going to get something different each time of course we are not going to get something different each time.

We are going to continue getting more of the same unless we somehow tweak it, unless we somehow change it. Unless we somehow move it along and take it to the next level unless we shift it in one way or the other we are not going to experience a new kind of result we are going to experience the same results again and again and again and again. For a lot of people this experience is extremely frustrating because they see this pattern develop and continue, and they can’t seem to put it to a end they get very confused they get trapped they can’t get out and they don’t get what they want when of course all this really is, is blocking yourself, you are sabotaging yourself you are really hindering and holding yourself back from your ultimate potential through falling into this belief or idea that you need to repeat the same thing over and over again and that you cannot shift or change your approach at all. That you cannot try something else that is not going to work if you change it and of course most likely that is exactly what you need to do.

If you feel like things are becoming stale not really moving forward the way that you want them to or that you are not getting the results that you are looking for from what you are doing it is time to shift and change that approach. It is time to change it, what else are you going to do? What else are you going to do? To keep doing the same thing and expect something else to happen for you it is very very pointless it is very very unlikely that, that will happen. You are looking for a lucky shot or a chance or a breakthrough instead of creating that breakthrough yourself. I want you to create your own breakthrough today, this month, this week, this year and not wait for it any longer not repeat the same old habits that you have been repeating. Not keep doing what you kept doing that didn’t work for you change it do something else try something else and see what happens with that give it a chance give it a shot change your approach and see what happens usually magic is created and you bring new amazing things to life when you take what you are doing to a whole other extremely different level where you couldn’t go if you kept doing what you are already doing.

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