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How to Make Life Easier For Yourself (Simple Solutions)

Make life easier for yourself, take the easy route. Take the route with less resistance and avoid half of the problems that most people have to go through by cutting your learning curve and not wasting your time where it doesn’t need to be spent.

Look at what the best approach is to whatever it is that you are trying to accomplish whatever your big goal is, your big dream, your vision is. Look for the simplest solutions don’t try to look at what the hardest most difficult, most intense path just because you feel like a “Hero”. Don’t always try to be “Hero” because it doesn’t always pay off.

Trying to be a “Hero” can lead down a path of a lot of time, a lot of effort, a lot of energy spent with very little return. When you know the difference between achieving success is just the amount of a few manometers you will see the subtle differences between taking a risk and a really difficult approach and putting loads of obstacles in your own path through not choosing wisely and actually just taking the option that actually makes sense.

Just taking the route that is easier, taking the route that is right in front of you but because you want to be a “Hero”, again you take the difficult path.

You tend to take the difficult choice rather than the easy, getting things out of the way and then moving on. This can be applied all throughout your life in fact something as simple as doing the dishes when you have just had food, getting it out of the way instead of leaving it for later and then having that dreadful energy coming upto the sink and just feeling like cr*p, why do this to yourself? People do this to themselves not just with the dishes, not just when it comes to cleaning and maintaining the house but everything in their life, when it comes to their career, when it comes to their passion, when it comes to their relationships.

Instead of putting in the 5 to 20 minutes a day of speaking with your partner, real deep communication you wait till things build up and you have a huge argument. Take the simple thing, take the simple solution don’t make life difficult and dramatic where it doesn’t need to be and I will guarantee you that you will have a much better experience, things will just seem to ease up for you. You will have a lot more energy, you will feel better about yourself because these little things create momentum for you, you feel better you perform better.

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