How to Regain Motivation, Passion & Ambition! (Get Back Your WHY!)

How can you regain your motivation, your passion and your ambition?

If you happen to be going along your journey to move towards your goals and to pursue your dreams or vision, and somewhere along the line you just lose the fire, you lose the spark the light dims on you and all of a sudden you find yourself stuck in a situation that you never really wanted to have for yourself and all of a sudden you are hoping, and you are not feeling too hip, you are not feeling too great, you are not feeling like you are going to accomplish anything and maybe you are just almost are about to give up, what can you do?

You should always look for the solution, do not look at the problem, do not use language in the lines of: “I’m Not Feeling Motivated” “I’m Not Feeling Passionate” “Where is my Ambition” “I Just Don’t Feel Good Anymore” or “I Don’t Have Any Energy” because the moment that you start speaking like this you start to re-enforce these feelings, these emotions and they go deeper into your body they take place more and more, and they take over and before you know it you are going into a downward spiral, into a downward loop and you are stuck, and it is really hard to get out.

What are you going to do there? It is even more difficult.

Always look for the solution, don’t get stuck on the problem, and don’t get stuck on: “I’ am Not Motivated” instead say: “Well, What is going to get me Motivated Again. What is going to get the Fire Burning?”

A very simple exercise is to simply make a list between 10 to 15 things that make you happy, that just give you joy, that bring back the juice in life for you whatever it may be. Any activity that makes you smile that makes you light up because from the position you have momentum and then it is a lot easier to find your spark, find your motivation, to get back your ambition when you are feeling good.

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