Keep Going Until You Succeed (Motivational Talk)

How many times in life have you seen somebody give something a couple of attempts, a couple of tries a few goes at it before they give up, before they "Wave The White Flag" and say; "That's it, It's over for me. I give up, I quit. I don't have what it takes."

One of the core values that you have to have as a human being if you want to reach whatever it is that you want to achieve, whatever goals that you have, whatever your vision might be if you want to get there you have to have the qualities and mind set of NEVER GIVING UP. Of NEVER GIVING IN, of trying it OVER & OVER again until you get it until it works, until you make it through. So many people STOP right before they struck gold! So many people hit a away, and away and they just go at it until the pain get's a little too much and then they give up right before the finish line.