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How to STOP Being a Perfectionist & Start Getting Things DONE!

This whole great concept that sounds so great and amazing in our heads actually turns out to be a disease in the real world, and the reason being is that perfectionism most of the time turns into a great excuse for procrastination and instead of being a perfectionist you turn into a procrastinator.

If you have ever had something that you know needs to be done, a assignment, a project. Whatever it might be that you are "trying" to complete.

When you take the perfectionist approach you want every single detail right and you never really end up getting it done until the very last minute. So what you have really effectively done with "trying" to make everything just right is that you have procrastinate for a long time building up this huge thing up in your head making the task more difficult than what it actually is, and instead of executing you have just been laying it off, putting it off to the side maybe doing it but just looking at the details instead of actually looking at the big picture.

If you want to succeed in life I want you to look at the big picture. I want you to stop obsessing about ow everything went, all the little details, all the little minute things that everybody else gets obsessed about and instead to really really obsess about the bigger picture.

Obsess about how you are moving forward your long term strategy, your long term plan, your long term vision and watch yourself get closer to that every single day instead of obsessing about the little things that everybody else gets caught up in.

I want you to become a visionary looking at the big, big picture. I want you to look at that daily progress towards that big goal instead of getting lost, instead of getting side tracked, instead of trying to have everything perfect, just execute and move forward.

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