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How to Get Out of A FUNK!? (1 Easy Step)

How to Get Out of A FUNK!? (1 Easy Step)

What is the quickest way to get you out of funk? Ever find yourself in some form of melancholy rut? Where you just feel stuck and angry and upset? And for some reason you can’t shake these feelings and they just fester within you, you don’t even know the reason, maybe why you’re feeling like this but regardless you’re feeling like this.

Today I want to give you a solution to this problem, this is a very simple simple issue to be solved and it is very very quick and easy it doesn’t have to be walking around, lying in bed thinking all of these horrible thoughts and being discussed and confused with yourself and not really reaching a solution point or really solving it in any way shape or form. Or rather letting it seep into your day, letting it seep into your life and allowing it to really take place in your reality.

The easiest way to get rid of this is to help other people. Yes, you heard me right! When you most feel like your ego is hurting and you are upset, and you are feeling uptight and the last thing that you want to do is to help someone else because you need help that is the exact time that you need to go and help someone because the time where you most need it is when you are too focused on yourself, you are too self-centered, you have too many issues and problems and there is so much going on up in here, and if you could only snap out of that take yourself out of it and go help somebody else with problem or go do a chore for somebody, or just go help someone with something that is when it will most benefit you. This is the time to give other people your time, this is the time to snap out and go do something else.

Another easy solution is to just go do something that you love although you are not up for it, although you are not feeling like it, it is ok you can still do something that is fun although you are feeling depressed and guess what motion creates emotion. You start doing the things that you love to do and you begin loving yourself, you begin enjoying your life, you begin loving other people and all of that comes from you not allowing yourself to wallow and walk around in a state that simply isn’t serving you that you know is not going to help you get to where you want to be, that you know is not a healthy part of your life so you cannot allow it any further. Decline it and say: “NO, thank you. I am going to help somebody else, if I feel unset or if I am feeling down I am going to help someone else because that way I can snap out of my bullsh*t and actually go make some good things happen in the world. Whether it is small or big it doesn’t matter but the main thing is that I snap myself out of that pity state and get back to living life to its fullest.”

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