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How to Get Important Things Done?

How do you get the most important things done? For some reason we seem to always have an excuse, some form of pain or obstacle that is keeping us from doing the thing that we most need to do the task that if we accomplish will reap the most amount of reward, will get the most amount of progress and the most amount of personal growth is the thing that we keep saying that we are going to do tomorrow or some day in the future and we keep putting it off indefinably and inevitably with that we never end up doing it. We end up accomplishing that thing that is so important.

What is an easy way to handle this? Well, the easiest, easiest way is to just put it first and I want to give you this solution because it has worked so many times for me and so many times for people that I have worked with that it is ridiculous how easy it is if you implement it.

If you put it first and by first I mean, before everything else it will get done. Before everything else means that when you are done watching this video, you get the thing that you have been putting off done. The thing that is that important that you know is so huge you just go and tackle it, you just go and handle it you don’t wait any longer you just put it first. You don’t try and fit it into your agenda; you make it your main agenda that is the way to get it off your list that is the way to accomplish it right now.

It is really that simple it is presences in that present moments people are stuck in the future, and the past thinking what about this? What about that? Oh, but I got to see Mary and she has an important thing for me and if I don’t do that I will get fired…blah blah blah and if you let the mind babble nonsense to go on it will keep distracting you it will keep following you keep pulling you away and that is why you haven’t gotten it done.

So the best way is to simply sit down, straight right now even and do it, just finish it. You will feel amazing about yourself especially if you have made it into a big big deal and you have been afraid to even set sail because you are afraid you are going to drown in the ocean of this objective it will be that much more satisfying. You will just get it out of the way and it will be done, can you imagine if you have been putting it off for a while? Can you imagine how it would feel for yourself? And for your self-steam to just do this to just finally do this and get it accomplished.

You see most people they always keep going back to this pain of doing that thing. They keep thinking about how difficult it is going to be? Or how hard it is? Or how much it is going to hurt them to try and accomplish this thing? And what if fail and all of this?

What I want you to do are to think about how you would feel if you got it done. If you just did it how that would change your state? How would that change your mind? How would that make you feel about yourself? See that is what matters that are what you got to put your attention on not how difficult it is. Or how much time it is going to take or how much you don’t want to do it. Just focus on the reward at the end, focus on the accomplishing of it and not the difficulty, not the pain although the struggle is not that important. I want you to put your attention on just getting it done.

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