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How Can You Make Money While Doing What You LOVE!? (Making Money and Income From Your Passion)

Is it possible to make money while doing what you love? Let me tell you that I used to believe that I would end up with a dead-end job, working for somebody that I didn't like, doing something that I hated.

Let me tell you that I used to think that living my dream, my purpose, my passion was not only unrealistic but unreasonable for me to ask for, and everyone around me said the same thing. Everybody said that there is no way that you can live your dream, there is no way that you can have that, that's crazy. Go safe, play it safe don't be crazy your life won't turn out good, you will end up on the street. You won't have anything, you will be broken and ruined.

Let me tell you that when I started my journey two years ago when I was nineteen years old I proved both myself, and my bullsh*t believes and doubts, as well as everybody else around me completely vastly and entirely wrong.

Yes, you can absolutely make money doing what you love. You can absolutely make a lot more money doing what you love, then you can doing something that you hate, that you despite. Just by the virtue that you love doing what you love to do and that you would be happy to do more of it. Again and again every single day.

And let me tell you that the first few months of going into doing what you love is living hell, and it is difficult, it is challenging, it is a struggle and it is a pain. No only is everybody saying: "STOP!that is crazy what are you doing." but also you are thinking: "Oh my god, this is NEVER going to work."

But if only you stick with it long enough. If only you have a strong enough commitment it is 100% going to happen for you. If you stick to it, if you commit, if you keep growing, learning, expanding it will happen to you. In fact in only six months, six months into working on myself, into working on what I wanted to do I already started making money doing what I love and it's grow like crazy, very very fast I started making more, and more, and more, and I started helping more people, and more people, and doing more of what I loved and I quit my sh***y dead-end job of mopping floors and scrubbing toilets to full-time going into my passion, my purpose, my dream, my dream.

I was twenty years old, I was waking up every single day already doing what I loved, with a smile on my face, with passion in my soul and my heart ready to go out and crush it. Ready to go out and enjoy it, ready to go out and actually live my life and NOT walk around as some kind of zombie, walking around as some kind of person who isn't even there, no presence, no soul, no willingness, no determination, no nothing, and that is the problem.

If you are in a place where you are not doing what you love, you might have lost all hope. But what I am here to tell you today is that it is absolutely possible.

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