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Motivational Speech (MUST HEAR!) by Rafael Eliassen

The difference between successful and unsuccessful people is not there background, It is not where they come from or anything to do with the environment for that matter.

It is the ability of being able to do what ever it takes whether they feel like it or not....The question is can you execute?

Day in & day out. Over and over again when you get tired, when you get upset, when you get frustrated and you're falling on your face over and over again, will you keep going? If you don't have that discipline, forget it. There is a certain level of character required in order to stay in the game here...What happens to you when you get knocked flat on your face and all you want to do is: Give Up!

What do you do, when it has been a rough day and you are tired? But you still need to do what you need to do, do you say you are going to do it tomorrow? Cause there is no guarantee about tomorrow...You're here right now. Your opportunity is today and your mission is to accomplish it now.

Did you know that the average person allows there mind to run wild on them? Allowing any and all thoughts to take the wheel. What are you thinking about all day? Where are your thoughts? If you want to make something real happen you have to take control of your self talk.

No more, what if this happens? or what if I fail? No more, I'm not good enough...take charge tell yourself you can do it, you will make it happen no matter how hard it is. This is the only way that you can stay focused, keep reminding yourself of what you are going to accomplish. Put all of your attention on to it.

Being successful, often means being extreme. You have to let go of he distractions because they are not serving YOU. They're there to tempt you, they're there to try to take you off the road to success. The narrow, narrow path that leads to your goal and if only you can constantly keep your attention on where you want to go you would have what it is that you want.

Attention determines direction, which determines your destiny.

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