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How to Stop Worrying - Worry Never Again!

Are you worrying too much? How can you stop worrying? You're only human, right? It's normal, right? We all do it, right?

Let me tell you that unless you have very, very good reason not to you are going to continue to worry about things for the rest of your life. It is basic, it is ante, and it is within us to concern ourselves about the future, the present and the past. Our minds have a tendency to project a weird potential future that doesn’t even exist and more than likely will never exist. We find pain in our pasts to bring back up and distract us from what we need to do right now, and we also look at the problems in the present moment that have nothing to do with the solution.

We orient ourselves with this weird way and let me tell you right now, that unless you handle this worrying daemon in your mind you are going to struggle, you are going to have a hard time to try to look for a solution and move your life forward, progress and take things to the next level will become a huge obstacle. Everytime that you take a step, everytime you try to make a move you are looking at the “risk” rather than the “reward”. You are always looking at what might go wrong and what might not work out for you and of course this is a path to destruction, a path to misery, a path to never achieving or accomplishing any of your goals, and it a is path that you would very much unlikely want to walk. If so willingly will be crazy.

You have to make a decision to say that you are going to rewire my sub-conscious mind to stop looking at all of these problems, all of these issues, all of these concerns all of the time and start to start to focus on the solutions, to start to focus on the goal, to start to focus on what actually matters instead of the things that could potentially get in the way, and that is the problem. Attention determines direction and so if you hold these worries in your mind you think you are protecting yourself, you think you are seeing what could possibly go wrong and there by stopping it. You are like yes I knew that might come up so I took care of it and now it didn’t happen, and it is not true everytime that you put these thoughts into your mind you are attracting more problems, you are attracting more issues.

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