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Motivational Video - Alive Now! (by Rafael Eliassen)

I am Obsessed,

I want people to bring out the best in themselves.

How could you possibly know what you are capable of if you have never pushed yourself a little too far? How can you know how far you can go if you have never gone there?

It is time to start tapping into your potential. It is time to stop destroying and damaging your own future. That's what you do by virtue of not giving it everything that you have. By virtue of not going to crazy with it, of not going all in, by not committing and deciding this is what matters to you.

To do anything required of you in order to make it work, to do anything required of you in order to make it through. This is the big challenge that has been set for you to. Are you willing to set up? Are you willing to take the wheel? Or are you going to remain in the passenger seat of your life?

Haven't you been keeping quite for long enough? Haven't you been suffocating your inner voice for too long?

You've got a bright fire burning within you, are you going to let it tear you up from the inside? Or are you going to show the world what you are capable of.

This is your moment, This is your time,

You are more than your body, your thoughts and your old belief's that hold you back from preforming at your best.

Don't limit yourself, don't hold it back.

There is that deep sense of inner accomplishment within, grab a good hold of it because once you commit and decide that you are going to be successful, and achieve your goals, at pursuing the life of your dreams there is nothing that can stop you. It is not even about that because stopping is not an option for you.

The obstacles, the failures they don't matter anymore. This is about you, this is your story, this is your life, your the one in charge here and there is nobody that can tell you otherwise. This is your day, this is your day.


It all starts with a thought, The first airplane,

The light-bulb,

And even the cure to cancer.

Change your thoughts it will change your life and it even could change the world. You know what the right thing to do, stop lying to yourself you know when you are doing the right thing and you know when you are doing the wrong thing, stop pretending, stop acting as if it is all ok, as if everything is going to work out, as if someday is about to come to life, as if someday is someday of the week when it is not.

Don't let yourself off the hook easily, there are so many times where we want to hold everybody else accountable for the faults in our lives but not ourselves.

When in fact it is all upto you, I mean it is your life, right?

Or is it somebody else's life that you are living? Is it somebody else that you are trying to please with your existence? If that's the case you need to rethink everything, a life lived without passion, a life lived without meaning, a life lived without purpose is not much of a life lived at all.

But if you've got the willingness to do whatever it takes there is nobody that can tell you no. Nobody's got the right to say that you can't make it, that you are not capable, that you are not good enough.


Do what you are supposed to do and you will have what you want to have, do the right thing and the results will come to you.

Don't make success into this weird mysterious thing that you might achieve something some day.

Now is the time, today is your day.

What can you do to get one step closer right now?

Think about your vision think about your goal, you know what you want. What can you do? What is that little extra mile that nobody else is willing to go that you can make happen now.

In order to have what others don't have, you have to be willing to do what they are not willing to do. It is up to you to make yourself stand out. It is up to you to actually pull out the drive and tonncity and the willingness, the passion to succeed.

There sleeping your grinding, they're just getting up, you are already making it happen. This is not a competition this is domination, not of other people but of your self-discipline.

Being able to do the right thing again, and again, and again until you get the results that you are looking for. We all know it doesn't happen overnight we all know it takes time, we all know it takes energy....So are you going to do it? Or Not?

If you have made a decision to do whatever it takes and to make this happen carry yourself with pride today. You are worthy, if you believe it you will achieve it.


Advantage people buy into bullsh*t believes, advantage people go and let these believes govern there life.

We are all waiting for you to show up fully, get engaged, wake up. It is all happening right now, all of the opportunity that you have ever been looking for, it is in front of you are you going to capture it?

Don't let it slide, don't let it slip. Not another day of doing anything less than what you are capable of. Not another day of under performing, you are too important, you are too valuable to keep yourself small.

Don't hold yourself back for a second longer.

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