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Best Motivational Video Ever - Own Who You Are (No More Excuses!)

You see all these people walking around and apologizing for living. You see people walking around apologizing for being who they are, you see a lot of people being sorry for doing what they are supposed to do. In our very twisted society, this has almost become the norm but the only way to really stand out and to make an impact is to own who you are fully.

If you want to make a shift and move the world in some way you cannot apologize for doing what you are supposed to do. You cannot walk around being scared fearing what will happen if you take the right action. If you no longer making excuses coming up with reasons as to why things might not work the only way out is to though fear out of the window completely. You must begin to only for who you are, you must begin to own who you are and who you are being fully and take full responsibility for who you are because if you don’t you keep walking around trying to apologize to everybody with your shoulders down, with your head down trying to hide your inner gift you are going to live a miserable life you are never even going to get close to experiencing your ultimate potential let alone accomplish anything that you dream of and you are the only person that can make that shift for you.

You are the only person who can ignite that fire where you start to burn so brightly that you can’t help it any longer. I want you to get to the point where you are so bright, where you are so energetic that you just can’t hold it back anymore, where you just can’t help but influence and impact everybody around you. Where you can’t help but to spread that good amazing powerful positive energy to everyone that you come in contact with and I want you to own it, I want you to own being who you are who ever it is that you want to be I want you to own that fully not apologizing for it, not making excuses for it, not saying “Ohh, I am Like This Because of my Past” but to take full responsibility and to say “This is Who I am And This is What I Stand For” because if you don’t stand for something you will full for nothing and taking full responsibility over who you are even if that person is not perfect is a hell of a lot better than walking around as this weak apologetic being.

Stop apologizing for your strength take back that control, take back that passion that energy that spark. Take back your vision your dreams and once you assume that full responsibility you can make all of this every dream every little idea you can make it come to life. You always had that potential don’t kid yourself but the case might of been that you were too afraid to explore it. Maybe you were looking for permission but from this moment on do not look for any further approval take control and own who you are.

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