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How to Become Completely Certain in Yourself (Best Strategy That Always Works)

Any major goal that you want to accomplish is going to require one major thing from you. Any big objective, anything that is worth having, any dream or vision that you might have, anything that you truly and deeply want to accomplish is going to require massive certainty and complete confidence that you are going to make it.

You need to be able to have the belief that you will find a way no matter what happens in fact if you can have complete and utter certainty that you will find a way to your goal regardless of anything that might get in the way then you have pretty much ensured and guaranteed your own success because there is nothing more powerful than a made up human-mind a wiliness to push on through anything that might come up.

An individual that is so obsessed with accomplishing something that they would sacrifice even their own existence for it become completely and entirely unstoppable. If you have ever noticed things go your way or that luck is on your side. It probably had something to do with how determined to where to get a certain result

Now you see a lot of people going into something, trying something maybe they join the gym and try to lose some weight. They go for a couple of weeks come back home look at the results which there is none, they try to search for that immediate gratification, nothing happens and they give up.

Maybe someone decide that they want to pursue music as a career they try to record a couple of songs, it doesn’t sound that great maybe they even go as far as taking a couple of vocal lessons. But at the end of the day they feel like that maybe it is not for them and they don’t have what it takes, so they give up and then wonder why they never made it. Then you somebody that has all the odds against them that really has no far chances of succeeding at all, that comes from a poor background doesn’t really have the resources the connections or anything that is really showing the likeliness of them being able to succeed but somehow they find a way.

Now my big question to you is how certain are you from a scale of 1-10 that you are going to accomplish your goal? That you are going to be successful at whatever path it is that you are pursuing? And the really big question that I have for you is how can you move that score up by one single point? Because people that succeed at whatever it is that they are trying to accomplish have one thing in common and it is that they believe and are certain in themselves before anybody else ever believes in them.

Having others believe in you is a nice bonus and a side benefit from first believing in yourself. But the real question is, are you certain? Do you know that you are going to make it no matter what? And if you don’t, then take that one step up today. What can you do? What can change that score for you? What can move you one point up?

Now if you ask yourself that question once every week your results in your life will begin to explode you’ll experience success on the level that you’ve never seen before and the reason for that is that everything you see out in the world has been created twice, first in the mind and then in the real world. So begin in your mind because that’s where it all really begins remember that the world that you see right now, the experience that you’re having as a human being is a direct representation of the most dominant thoughts that go on through your mind and so if you’re only to change them. If you’re only to stop them up only one level higher than what you are at right now you would experience a drastic shift in your reality. And I don’t know is this sounds a little crazy or woo woo to your but I encourage you to try it before you judge, please that’s what I did and it worked so I hope that you give it a shot too.


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