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Motivational Thoughts (Thinking Like This Will Change Your Life)

You know it is really easy to fall into negative thinking patterns, in fact for most of us we have been brought up and socialized in such of a way that thinking negatively and thinking about the “worst case scenario” it is almost like a natural tendency, it is almost “normal” to actually be thinking negative thoughts but what you have to realize the difference between the rich and the poor is not in the bank account at first is in the mind.

We all have 24 hours; we all have a certain amount of time on this planet. We might have 1 life or 1000 whatever you believe in. But the fact is that with where you are at right now if you want to leap, if you want to take the next step, if you want to step up your level of performance you are going to have to step up your level of thinking because that is where it really all begins that’s really what it all comes down to. At the end of the day your life is a direct representation, the sum of all your thoughts collected into one.

Ok, your character your persona everything that you walk around that you identify with is being this guy or girl, this person this you know? Whether you are a CEO or whether you are an employee, whether you’re a janitor or you know you’re a motivational speaker and I have made that transformation myself. It did not go from this place to this place through the circumstances changing or through somebody handing me something. It came through changing my thinking and so if you are going around thinking about, well how I am never going to make it, it is never going to work then I guarantee you it will never work because that’s the shift that’s where you get to pick, that’s where you have a choice. You see that little bit of willpower because most of the time we are running on autopilot, were going throughout our day and we barely even remember what happened.

Do you remember what you ate for the last week? The last 7 days. Can you recall all of your meals? Because most of the time we won’t be able to do that. Do you remember everyone that you talked to? All the conversations that you had what they were about. Do you remember even that you drove somewhere yesterday? Because most of the time we are just, our subconscious mind drives us, right? It drives for us we come to the destination we say who dove all that way I don’t know if you have ever had that experience, I sure have. So if notice that a lot of the time you really aren’t being 100% present you realize that the presence that you do get, the time where you are conscious that’s the time that is most important because you get to feed your mind and hopefully right now as you’re watching this video, you are aware and I want you to make decision and a choice to think about the things that you don’t want and what you need to understand what is so crucial, so important and just one thing they really want you to never forget is that whether you focus on what you don’t want or what you want you are going to get it.

Your subconscious mind it doesn’t understand the difference between I don’t want and I want whatever you put in it will run that program, and whether it says I don’t want or want that’s what it will produce that result. Just remember that so if you’re going around thinking about all please don’t let this happen to me, don’t let this happen to me ever has that experience? It just happened to you and you’re like all man you know I was thinking I hope that doesn’t happen to me and then it happened or maybe you really wanted something. Here’s the key, you really want something you really wish for it, it’s also very difficult for the mind to the subconscious mind to wrap around because it’s so intangible, so fluffy it’s like I wish I hope I pray when you change that to something along the lines of I am becoming I am in the process of I am achieving all of a sudden the results become that much more real they become actually tangible. I notice that I started to attract a lot of wealth and abundance of my life when I started to believe that I was in the process of creating better but its right.

So it really all depends on whether or not you’ll make the choice in the decision the commitment to go from the level of which you hope and pray or I don’t want which is the worst place to be. I don’t want this definitely not something you want to engage with but then there’s I want, I wish, I hope, I pray and then the higher levels are I will, I am, I am becoming, I will achieve, I’m in the process.

All of a sudden your subconscious mind goes, wait a minute whoa whoa whoa we are actually doing this, like wow let’s get engaged let’s get passionate. Your energy starts to flow through you, you feel good your brain gets engaged with the activities that you’re doing instead of just running your mind wild and crazy on you. Your old self gasps of concentration, right? That’s what happens when you put yourself in the process and so I want your thoughts to encourage you, back you up on whatever it is that you're trying to achieve whatever it is whether you're studying in school or you're running for president it doesn't matter. You need your thoughts backing you up pushing you one level up out of times working your way up there constantly and the only way that that's going to happens is when you make that switch from I wish and I pray or from I do not want this, is when you make that switch from I wish and I pray or from I do not want this, I am becoming, I am becoming remember that I am becoming this person, I am achieving in school, I’m in the process, I am this person now that's the highest level. If you can genuinely switch your mind onto that level of belief that you are somebody, that you have something, that you don't yet have or heard that you aren't yet that's the most powerful and quickest way if you want that quick bill that quick fix that's the closest you'll ever get, again closest thing you'll ever get to changing overnight is too firmly and we'll 100% believe that you are that person, you will see the reason I was able to build a business that I love so quickly, the reason I was able to help so many people that's because I didn't go to I wish, I hope, or I pray,to I didn't even go to I am becoming I went to I am this person, I am this person I am this person and you might say that's delusional, right? A lot of people say that's delusional that's crazy in fact I was told I’m crazy and you might be told you are crazy too and know what that means you're on the right track.

All that means that you're doing something that other people aren't comfortable with it's too far outside their reach they can't grasp it, they can't believe it for themselves so they don't believe that they're able to do so they're going to criticize you, they're going to make you feel bad but if you want to jump to the next level, if you want to leave, if you want to elevate yourself by a mile then go straight for I am, I am this person, I am this person, right now and you have to convince yourself first before anybody else is convinced, right? The only way to sell a great product or to sell a lot of a product is the first call yourself on that product. The first you need to really firmly and deeply believe that it's worth something that you can make a difference, that it can have an impact and I need you to believe that not about a product, right? But about you, about you that you can have a chance, that you can make an impact that you have something and those are the thoughts I want you to run through your mind every single day repeatedly like a playlist on repeat constantly, constantly, constantly and if you can do this for yourself, you would be so grateful. It will be beyond words of how grateful you will feel towards yourself, right?

And that's another tip talking about gratitude another tip that you can throw in there to get yourself on the right track in the morning instead of thinking about, oh god how horrible everything is, I got to do all this work, all so overwhelmed start thinking like this, what is one thing that I'm grateful for? Right, that's an easy way to get you on the right track instead of letting your mind run wild and you're not asking for much you're asking for one thing. What’s one thing that I'm grateful for? What's one thing that I feel good about today? What’s one thing that I'm excited about? And once you put your mind on that track it rarely drifts off and if it does, if your mind is so strongly conditioned to negative thinking patterns then you need to keep forcing, keep forcing it one day at a time, right? It takes time, it takes effort, and it takes energy. I'm not saying that your problems are going to be solved like this, what I am saying is that your problems will be solved if you apply this fact, if you use this I will guarantee you that it will work. My personal guarantees to you go back to this video to tell me; you know what man that was all BS, right? If my belief system doesn’t work I'm saying to you it can work for you it really, really, really, really is one of the most powerful things I've ever seen and I've seen this be applied with so many different people that I've worked with and even just people around me and it always has a powerful significant impact as long as you can shift, right?

And if you're not comfortable with saying I am this person, I am achieving this, and just start slowly just start one step at a time. Baby stepping your way to success is a lot better than trying to fly and spread your wings before you even learn how to crawl. So if you're starting from the bottom just take one step up go from, I don't want this, to wishing, I wish, I could have this. It’s better than saying I don't want, that will take your attention of what you don't want to get too wishing and hoping and praying for it, right? It is a lot better and take it up another step once you're ready let's you're ready assume that next level say you know what I'm becoming this, I'm achieving, I’m in the process and once you're ready take the final step and say I am and guess what happens after you take that I am step whatever it is that you believe as long as you keep it in mind for a longer period of time and you let it manifest and generally put your energy behind it and you start backing it up with action it comes around that really is the secret, it becomes reality if you can just keep your mind on that you are this person for long enough you will become that person, you will have that experience of the person of a transformation, right?

The reason somebody remains in bad shape is because they identify with their thoughts they are backing everything in their life just reinforces it. What about being a smoker it's the same thing I'm smoke around the smoker and you know you go to an airport and get put in this little thing, I mean its crazy right? And it's like you're identifying with that personal you might not be fully conscious or aware that you're doing it, you're doing it as a society is pushing you into this box and giving you this narrative about who you are and if you want to step out of it now is the time to take your thoughts up a level at a time and you have to change your identity you have to change with the thoughts that you identify with that the most powerful thing when you have a thought about that you are not good enough and you really identify with that like you really feel it in your heart and your soul in your body and your whole mind becomes consumed. All what if I'm not get enough right now you get so much pain being brought into your life but the moment that you say I am good enough I'm capable have what it takes have it in me I can do this and you believe that and you let that resonate through body wow those are two entirely different people those are two entirely different performances and those are two entirely different worlds to live.

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