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Let Go Of Your Past - Motivational Video

What’s done, is done. You can not change the past, what you can do however is give your very best in this moment for a better future.

I want you to know right now, that anybody who’s ever reached a high level whether it is an art, dancing, singing, sports, business, relationships or even spirituality has had a major obstacle that they had to overcome, and most of those obstacles are in the mind.

You have to understand something that no longer exists can not truly harm you in this present moment it is only the meaning you give it in your own thoughts that actually hurts you. If you don’t want your past you hold you back any longer stop giving it energy, stop giving it focus and attention because that is what makes it grow, thats what gives it power over you. You have to start to focus your attention on what it is that you want, it is whatever you give the most amount of your attention that you will get more of. So if you keep thinking about the pain, and the problems, and everything you’ve been through, well then you are going to keep experiencing it. It is just a sure fire way to make yourself into a victim of life, don’t let it control you any longer, cut the chains.

Make a commitment, decide what it is that you need to do? What’s your purpose? What’s your calling? Because at the end of this lifetime you can either be in miserable regret or in deep fulfilment of having done what you where supposed to do.

You only get one chance at life and I challenge you to live with that in mind, deaf is the best reminder, the best alarm clock, the best notification. What if you only had one day left? How would you feel about what you’ve done? What you’ve accomplished?

Are you really going to allow your past to keep you in passenger seat of your life? Instead of letting what happened before get in the way let it fuel you and push you further this time. Convert the pain to passion, let it drive you.

You are alive right now, today is an opportunity. Today is the day to change it all to look back to this day own a few years and say: “*That’s when I finally committed. That is the day I began my lives real journey” Because there is no greater shame than not trying there is no greater shame than not giving it your all.

If you’ve gone through it all and you are still here alive, breathing, that means you have some work left to do. Now get to it, before this moment has become past too.

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