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How to Reach Your Goals | Why You Can't Accomplish Your Goal

What's happening champions? Today we find out what the biggest obstacle is between you and your goal…

So if you're anything like any normal person you'll have a tendency that when things go wrong when things don't quite go your way, when there's a gap between where you are and where you want to be and you don’t quite live up to your own standard or somebody else's standard estimates set for you. You tend to shove off the blame and the responsibility to the environment or to the people around you and to everything else.

But if you have spent any amount of time and energy into personal development then you'll know that one of the key principles is to always take responsibility for everything that happens in your life and of course this helps you take control of your destiny and move towards your passion, and your path. The fight the fight to live your dream and do what you're supposed to do each and every day in spite of everything that's happening around you.

However there's one fundamental flaw with both of these philosophies of course if you are on the brink of suicide or deep depression, or that you’re experiencing anxiety you will find that blaming yourself and taking self responsibility is not really going to help much at all because you're just going to feel even worse about yourself. Whereas on the other hand when you're working hard and you're pushing to live your dream and doing what you're supposed to do, taking less responsibility and shoving off the blame to somebody else doesn’t really help you make any progress either but the real truth somewhere in the middle. The real truth is that it's a little bit of both, in fact of the beliefs that you have and the values, the story that you're telling yourself each and every single day which affects your performance and also effects what you're able to achieve, and where you get stopped in your tracks when you feel like you can't move forward. It's really determined largely by the environment that you're brought up in, by some of the experiences that you go through, by the people that you hang around with, by the job that you stay in for 15 years or even by some of the friends hat you just spend time with on a daily basis, it could be family or anybody that really is part of your life in the large context is very likely to influence the way that you see yourself and also in the way that you see the world. So of course it's very, very important to take a look at the people around you and really examine whether or not they're positive and helping you move towards where you want to go or whether you need to find some new people, a crowd to hang with but even more important than that you check out the story you're telling yourself this is the obstacle between you and your goal. You have some pattern that’s running in there it could be

“I'm not good enough, I'm not capable, I don't have it in me. I’m too short or too tall, I’m too fat or too skinny. I don't have the qualifications, I'm overqualified” It could be anything but when you have a goal and you're struggling to reach it, it's always going to be some limiting beliefs or some limiting story that's been create by you that is stopping you from making that breakthrough and taking your progress to the kind of level that you really want to experience. So your job is to find that story,

hunt it down to figure out what's going on in your head that's stopping you, that's blocking you, that's keeping you from living up to your potential and doing what you really want in your life.

You can't let this little tiny story, this little tiny idea of yourself determine whether or not you're able to have what you want in your life when you take control of that story and you tell yourself a different story things begin to change there is a major shift that happens the moment that you realize what you've been telling yourself for all these years, all these months even for the last few days. If you're trying to get to somewhere if you have a goal that you want to accomplish it is absolutely crucial and vital essential, fundamental that you look at what's going on and also what are you telling yourself. I remember having an idea about myself along the lines of that “I don't have it in me,I’m not capable, I'm not old enough. I really don't have the skills, I just don't have anything of value to give to people” And when I changed that and made the decision to said “You know what? I do have something, I have something to offer that's a value I can help people. I can impact their lives. I have a gift that I want to share” Things changed for me immediately and I made a drastic shift, quantum leap's literally in the next few weeks, in the next few months and even in the next two years or even three years everything changed for me but I had to change the story. I had to change the story that was in my mind that was blocking me from elevating, that was blocking me from making the progress that was stopping me and holding me back.

So yes, you're holding yourself back and it's a result from all the pressure, all the sh*t that you've been told and brainwashed and of course it's going to get to you and it's affecting you but you can now make a decision and change it. Are you telling yourself that you just not that kind of person that can achieve your dreams? That you just you aren't ready for that, you don't have it in you, that it's just not part of who you are? And convincing yourself that you are never going to be like that and other people can do that but it's just not for me or are you telling yourself that it's too late? That you miss your shot, that the opportunity if you would have done this or that or the other telling yourself that everything would have worked out just the right way but that now, right now it's too late and you can't do anything about it either way. I want you to demolish and destroy, get rid of that belief, get rid of that limiting story and replace it with something else, something that empowers you a story that helps you move forward, a story that makes you feel amazing about who you are and what you have to offer the world and that whatever your dream is you can achieve it, whatever you want in your life will become that much more attainable the moment that you tell yourself that you are worthy because the thoughts that we think on the daily basis are what create our realities. That they determine the life we live and it's hard to be structured in our mind previously before we ever actually experience a shift.

There's a certain vibrational frequency to your thoughts, the whole world, the whole universe is made up of vibrations and to get rid of that old story you have created for yourself and replace it with a new one and feel the difference within yourself will be instant but what's also very important to keep in mind is that story you keep telling yourself is going repeat itself to you day in and day out because of course if you've been walking around with a different story your whole life for 25, 40, 50, 60 years it's going to be really, really tough to reprogram your subconscious mind. However it's still possible so don't make the excuse that it's too late because it's never ever too late to make a change, to make a shift and move forward in your life.

You need to change the story that you have been telling yourself to something good, change that story to something that empowers you.


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