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The 4 Step Secret Formula To Being a Creative Genius

If you want more creativity it's so simple! In this video I outline the steps you can take in order to light your creative spark and begin to access a whole new level of creativeness in you. It's already something that you have within, the challenge is really just bringing it out and sharing it with the world. This week's breakthrough: The best work you can produce, comes through you in the process. When you're just lost in creating, not thinking about some perfect ideal, or trying to achieve some kind of predetermined result. People are experts at overcomplicating things...Creativity is simple, just enjoy what you're doing, and amazing things will happen! That's what I learned from making over 550 videos on YouTube and giving hundreds of original motivational speeches. Want to know a little secret? I never write scripts! It's all from the heart. And that's where all of the greatest things come from. So whatever it is that you love to create, do it, and enjoy it. The more, the better!

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