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What Are The 5 Deadliest Daily Habits That Drain Our Energy?

It’s not just habits that drain our energy, it’s the people and environment around us as well. Now with that said, let’s get into it: 1. Any Kind of Quick Dopamine Release Addiction. If it makes you feel worse after you do it, that’s a pretty big tell. Instant fixes feel good in the moment, but added up throughout the day it zaps every ounce of energy you have. Look at quick-fix habits you have, the “mini-addictions” and do your best to stay away from at least a few of them. 2. No Direction In Your Life. When you’re in uncertainty, your energy depletes very quickly. You end up spending it on thinking, and ‘projection-type thinking’ consumes a TON of mental energy very quickly. 3. Seeking Approval or Validation From Other People. This is a complete mess in general, because people are generally put off by this kind of behaviour as well. But for your own sake also, build up self-confidence.. It means that you’ll have to set some goals, and put in work- and it’s fully worth it. 4. Non-Stop Worry. Bad things have happened, and they will happen again. Worrying and stressing about it will not add any value to the situation. I know, easier said that done- but if you force yourself to focus on what you WANT instead of what you DON’T WANT you’ll have a TON more energy. 5. Stopped Growing & Improving. When you get settled in, nice and comfy with that smug feeling of content- your energy is gone! Because there is nothing to strive for, there’s no progress.

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