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Terms of Agreement

When you purchase speaking, coaching, consulting or any other service from Rafael Eliassen Consulting you agree to the following terms:

You agree to the particular program that has been agreed upon, meaning it will be used as the main reference to how our work is executed. However, Rafael Eliassen Consulting keeps the right to change or cancel these terms at any given time, and is in no way obligated to deliver by the exact standards laid out in the contract. 

By purchasing you also agree to the no refund policy. Once payments have been made, there is no right to claim a refund and none will be issued for any reason whatsoever. Rafael Eliassen Consulting reserves the right to cancel delivery of any service or product for any reason at any given time with no full or partial refund, completion of service is not required. Rafael Eliassen Consulting does not guarantee any specific results or make any guarantees for the effects or impacts of the service, and you are solely responsible for your investment. Rafael Eliassen Consulting cannot be held reliable for any of the information or content that is shared.

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